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Special Angels

Preserve, Protect, Educate

At Special Angels Investments, LLC 501(c)(3) we're dedicated to recentering marginalized cemeteries through holistic site preservation, protection, and education. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in cemeteries and the communities they serve.

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Special Angels at a Glance

Special Angels Investments, LLC 501(c)(3) recognizes the need for holistic cemetery preservation. Our community centered approach ensures historic marginalized cemeteries endure through oral history and educational programming. True preservation requires more than site maintenance - it requires empowering and supporting local communities.

Ways We Help

Special Angels Investments, LLC 501(c)(3) works with local communities to preserve marginalized cemeteries. We offer site maintenance, preservation assistance - both site and community history, and cemetery educational programming.


Place-based Education

Connecting students with the community fosters civic engagement and learning. A cornerstone in preservation, educational programming ensures long term preservation.


Cemetery Preservation

Cemetery preservation is a community endeavor. That's why we work with local communities to develop a preservation program that engages and empowers.

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