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White Sheets, Orange Groves

Explore the impact of Florida's Black Codes on local communities in Florida. In this lesson plan, students will analyze primary and secondary sources to describe the effects of segregationist culture on African Americans, classify examples of some of Florida’s Black Codes and some KKK actions into categories of legal, violent, or both using a Venn Diagram, and create a poem or a set of song lyrics to explain the effects of the Black Codes and segregationist violence on African Americans in Florida and Tarpon Springs.

Out Of The Park

Explore ways segregationist policies created economic challenges for Florida's African American communities by examining primary and secondary sources highlighting challenges faced by citizens experiencing employment discrimination and ways citizens overcame economic challenges through community action.

The Whole Truce

Examine the complexity of ethnicity in Florida's Sponge Wars and it's connection to the Tarpon Springs, Florida, community. In this lesson plan, students will describe the importance of the Florida sponge trade in the early 20th century, explain how the Florida Sponge Wars can be viewed as a conflict over resources, and create a parade float design that depicts qualities
of Black Hook Spongers.

A Clash Of Communities

Explore the conflicts that emerged after Brown. vs. Board of Education decision through oral histories and community experience. Students will compare oral histories to determine continuities and changes of racial discrimination after desegregation and create artwork to illustrate the impacts of desegregation on the community of Tarpon Springs.

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